Unlock HO CHI MINH City within 48 hours

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Ho Chi Minh City is a highlighted city of Vietnam with so many attractions to visit, many restaurants to dine, many cafés to taste, many hubs to entertains, Bonzer Tour would like to unlock Ho Chi Minh City in 48 hours. Follow our suggestion; you’ll explore vibrant Ho Chi Minh City’s popular and authentic places. 

The first day of 48 hours in Ho Chi Minh City


Let’s cover the city center with visits to the prominent destinations and gain the general impression of this enticing Ho Chi Minh city.


Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral and Saigon Central Post Office

This corner’s spectacle of Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral and Saigon Central Post Office is intriguing and picturesque. 

Centrally located, the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Post Official can be reached easily. Constructed in 1880s by the French, this 60m high cathedral with neo-Romanesque architecture is among iconic relics featuring the colonial heritage in Saigon – the former name of Ho Chi Minh City. 


On the other side of the road, situating is the Saigon Central Post Office appears outstanding with the bright yellow, elegant curved windows and a large clock. These inner Renaissance ornamentations are impressive with the dome roof, the telephone boost and telecom system maps in 19th century.

There are many interesting cafés offering view to these two iconic buildings. Then, spending some time to relax, enjoy Vietnamese coffee and admiring the Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral and Saigon Central Post Office.

Independence Palace


Saigon Independence Palace became a historical spot of the Vietnam nation by the event on April 30, 1975 that its walls were crushed down by two tanks of the Northern Army of Vietnam (People’s Army of Vietnam). This event witnessed the reunification of the country uniting two parts Northern and Southern which are divided by the 17th parallel. 

Originally the Independence Palace was the Norodom Residence Palace during the colonial rule; then was in use as the home of Southern Vietnam president Ngo Dinh Diem. The Resident Palace was bombarded in 1962; and then re-constructed and repaired with the modern architecture at the time. After the execution of the Southern Vietnam President, this palace name was changed to Independence Palace and home of the next President till 1975.

The fascinating Independence Palace is comprised with meeting room, reception room, the telecommunication center, war room, tunnels of warren, the ancient radio transmitters and so on. 

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is a local wholesale market in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. The sellers supply a huge variety of goods from fabrics, pottery, costumes, food, ingredients, herbs, kitchenware, accessories, etc. Strolling around a local market is always exhilarating; however make sure you’re good at bargaining to have the best local shopping experiences. 


Carry on to know more of Ho Chi Minh City and get closer with local life.

War Remnants Museum


War Remnants Museum is a sentimental museum and highly recommended for whom want to learn of the Vietnam War along with its impacts, as well as some of other periods like the French-colonial fight and conflicts with China. From outside, visitors will find the aircraft left after the surrenders of American soldiers. There are relics as well as many evoking images revealing cruel facts of Vietnam War which believed to be the pain for both sides. 

Opening hour is from 7:30am – 4:30pm; and the entrance fee is 40,000vnd. War Remnants Museum dress code: Casual 

Saigon Sunset Cruise


After a whole day of exploring roundabout, the Saigon River Sunset Cruise is perfect for a relaxing rest in your 48 hours exploring Ho Chi Minh City.  The boat set off for 2 hours with serving of snacks and drinks. 

Saigon River Dinner Cruise is also available in Ho Chi Minh City. There will be more time to enjoy the meal away from the hustle life. Depending on cruise, there are offers of meal, cocktail or welcoming traditional performances. With so many options of cruise, you can refer the suggestions of Bonzer Tour to book the one matching your budget and interests. 

Nightlife on Bui Vien Street


Bui Vien Street is the backpacker area of Ho Chi Minh City with many restaurants, street food, local drinks, souvenir shops, accommodations at very good rates and a wide range of entertainments. Both tourists and local people came over to dine and party. Bui Vien Corner comes to life right after the sun goes down. Bui Vien Street in Ho Chi Minh City and Ta Hien Street in Hanoi are the amazing spots to see the nightlife in Vietnam.

Have drink over rooftop of Ho Chi Minh City


Instead of spending the night in Bui Vien Street, there is another option as alternative. There are skyscrapers with bars for guests to order drinks and cast the over view of Ho Chi Minh City. Some great options are Saigon Saigon Rooftop Bar, Chill Sky Bar Saigon, Rex Rooftop Garden at Rex Hotel Saigon, etc.

The second day of 48-hours in Ho Chi Minh City


Spend this morning to proceed around 50km to Cu Chi Tunnels, a real outdoor exhibition for real experiences of Vietnam War.

Cu Chi Tunnels


In the morning, travel 1.5 hours out to the outskirt of Ho Chi Minh City and to visit Cu Chi Tunnels which is a highlight of the southern Vietnam. Cu Chi Tunnels evoke spectacle of the Vietnam War with the huge systems of narrow and yet complicated tunnels up to 120km long homing the Viet Cong soldiers. 

There are habituating areas, meeting room, weapon stocks, kitchen with a well-arranged chimney and abundant of camouflage traps. 


Chinatown in Ho Chi Minh City


Chinatown is an important cultural piece of Ho Chi Minh City. Since 1776, Chinese or called Hoa ethnic group have settled in Saigon; following they had the big market Cholon for shopping and business, temples and pagodas for religious practices. Thien Hau Pagoda featuring traditional Chinese architecture is a highlighted spot to explore. It is located at 710 Nguyen Trai Street. The other interesting one is Cholon in Chinatown where was the popular market for local to shop; then also be the black-market during Vietnam War. Apart from dozens of goods, spices, medical herbs, hawking food, there are variable options of Vietnamese and Chinese food to taste. 

Vespa tour and enjoy the street food


Late afternoon, a Vespa ride is awesome to intermingle with the bustling life of this vibrant city. Joining a Vespa tour in Ho Chi Minh City is truly an adventure when travel byways and see different aspects of local lifestyles. Winding through narrow street and stopping at local restaurants to taste authentic street food doesn’t sound fantastic but it truly is. 

The thrilling Vespa Tour exploring Ho Chi Minh City takes around 4 hours; and it do make you know the town very well. 

Nguyen Hue Walking Street


Some Vespa tour might include this place; otherwise, you can come here as the last point to exploring of the journey 48 hours in Ho Chi Minh City. Nguyen Hue walking street is in front of the colonial building People’s Committee with statue of Ho Chi Minh President. 

Planning a holiday in Ho Chi Minh City and southern Vietnam and wondering best places for you? Feel free to contact Bonzer Tour for travel advices. 

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