l Meo Vac is a mountainous region close by Ha Giang

Why Meo Vac ?


Meo Vac

Meo Vac is a small rural district in the Northeast Vietnam, only 25km in the south of the renown Ma Pi Leng Pass. The town boasts terrace fields on mountains for the cultivation of rice and old clay houses. Meo Vac gloriously presents a striking balance between traditional dwellings and the picturesque karst mountains of Northern Vietnam.  Surrounded by attractions like Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan and breathtaking beauties of Ha Giang, Meo Vac itself is not less than a splendid sight. In the town center, organizing the Meo Vac Market which is the only hub for villagers bring their harvested or hunted goods, hand-made handicrafts, weaving and other artifacts for selling or exchanging. Meo Vac Market also offers a large variety of local foods and is particularly famous for cattle and meat business. One can see people of different minorities including Hmong, Black Dao and Red Dao in which Hmong is the domination. Each tribe group still keep their indigenous traditions like local wine drinking, making colorful sticky rice, celebrate the atmospheric weekend market and other festivals, especially the Khau Vai Love market.

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