l Ratanakiri is authentic place with treks and visits to ethnic groups

Why Ratanakiri ?



Ratanakiri, a derivative of two Cambodian words, literally means 'Place of gems and mountains. Being a remote hilly area, situated on the North-Eastern plateau in Cambodia, Ratanikiri not only offers stunning wild beauty for travelling, but also the homeland of some indigenous minority groups like Khmer Loeu, Tai Lao, Mountain Cham. Ratanakiri also presents mesmerizing waterfalls, from Katieng to Cha Ong, still volcanic lakes, deep jungles, ancient lava fields and the large Virachey National Park. Keep in mind during the rainy season from May to Oct, the dirt roads turn slippery and might cause the stuck to leave your vehicle behind. During dry season, the red-earth road also cause dust around.

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