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Why Cat Tien National Park ?

Cat Tien National Park,  is a wet tropical forest covering 71.92ha spreading over three provinces in southern Vietnam. This complex homes many rare and specious species of fauna and flora. Cat Tien National Park is among 200 global ecological zones listed by WWF. 

Geologically, Cat Tien National Park is made of 5 mains terrains: High mountain, medium high mountain, low and flat hill, River bench and hill, and stream bench.

Apart from the diverse fauna, there are 348 species of birds living in the forest. There are some rare animals listed in the Red Book of Vietnam too such as Ciconia episcopus, Pavo muticus imoerator, etc.

Cat Tien National Park is situated around 165km in the north of Ho Chi Minh City which takes around 4 hour-drive by land.

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Cat Tien National Park tours
Indochina bird watching 30 days

Indochina bird watching 30 days

Active & Adventure - 30 days 29 nights

A unique Indochina bird watching tour of 30 days exploring highlighted and hidden places of Vietnam Cambodia and Laos. The active travel package brings up the lifetime experiences with bird watching in mesmerizing Indochina. You are embarking on a journey to enchanting destinations Vietnam Laos Cambodia tour package with great values of cultures, cuisines, religions, nature and especially the wildlife. You will explore the highlighted tourist spots of three countries; and venture to unique area with diverse system of fauna and flora and some rare species. Ban Na Hin in the east of Laos is surrounded with idling limestone karst; and also, is a part of the dense jungle with birding sites. In Siem Reap, the Prek Toal Sanctuary on flood land region is the home and biosphere of the rarest water bird. Vietnam, with mountains at higher elevations and lush jungles, is the perfect nestling places for dozen thousands of species. For Vietnam bird watching, you will explore the most diverse national parks of Cat Tien in the southern Vietnam, Bach Ma in the central Vietnam and the Cuc Phuong National Park in northern Vietnam.

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