l Ba Be National Park is stunning for kayaking, trekking and swimming

Why Ba Be ?


Ba Be

Ba Be, a northeast region of Vietnam is around 6-hour drive from Hanoi. The most renown destination in the region is the Ba Be National Park featuring splendid mountains teeming with green rice fields, and Ba Be Lake with its beautiful caves. Ba Be means 'Three Lakes' referring to the three parts of it: Pe Lam, Pe Leng, and Pe Lu which are in link by wide channels and ultimately forming a single water body. These 8 kilometers long and 400 meters wide calm and tranquil water body is the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam. Surrounding Ba Be Lake is the 10 villages of Tay ethnic people who came here 2,000 years ago and settled in the low areas near water sources. There are variety of chances to do kayaking, swimming, local boat cruising to explore Ba Be National Park. Besides, the small paths bring up amazing trek over verdant valleys, waterfalls and minority villages of Tay people.

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