l Cardamom Mountains is unique travel place in Cambodia with luxury stay

Why Cardamom Mountains ?


Cardamom Mountains

Cardamom Mountains in the eastern part of Cambodia stretching over two provinces of Prusat and Koh Rong is a virgin forest with many dense wilderness mountains. Among those mountains, the highest peak is the Phnom Aural at 1,813m above sea level. This mountain also is the peak of Cambodia. Exploring the Cardamoom Mountains by jungle trekking, kayaking, cycling and swimming are terrific to get involved in the wilderness. There are five rivers running through the Cardamoms forming plunging waterfalls and enriching the forest. The Cardamom Mountains home many species of flora, fauna and endanger species like Asiana elephants, Indochinese tiger, etc. despite illegal logging and poaching are main issue at the time. 

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