l Con Dao Island offer the best beaches in Vietnam

Why Con Dao ?


Con Dao is an archipelago in the South-East of Vietnam consisting of 16 islands in which the main one is Con Son. In the past, it was the island that French colonial ruler exiled and executed Vietnamese political leaders. These days, many Vietnamese still fly back and forth to visit and pay a tribute to those sacrifices. Above all, Con Dao is ringed with stunning seascapes and many un-touched beaches like Dat Doc, Dam Trau and Bai Canh. Con Dao is indeed a beach escape in Vietnam where the visitors can stay and enjoy beach relaxation. Unlike Phu Quoc Island, there are just a few choices for accommodations on Con Dao Island. Addition to chilling on the beach, visitors can go scuba-diving, snorkeling, join with local fishing boat to do fish catching and take sea canoeing to explore the marine species. Con Dao national park, a comprise of islands and surrounding sea with untouched rainforests offers marvelous hiking, captivating oceanic view from above.

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Beach Leisure - 4 days 3 nights

Con Dao Island is among the best beach vacation locations in Vietnam that Marco Polo, an Italian merchant, explorer and writer of the 13th century did call by this island. Located 80km (50 miles) from the mainland Mekong Delta region and 230km (143 miles) from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Con Dao a tropical paradise of 16 islands is now the best escape place in Vietnam. Con Dao Island Vietnam is renowned as a notorious colonial penal jail - Poulo Condore capturing political crime, then called “Tiger Cages” in the following years when the southern Vietnam government imprisoned regime opponents. Your 4 day vacation on Con Dao island offers breathtaking isolated sandy beaches, colorful and variable coral reefs, and the biodiversity when being covered by the tropical forest. During the period from Mid-August to early November, visitors on Con Dao Island Vietnam also can take part in turtle release from turle sanctuary. The climate in Con Dao Island is distinguishably divided into 02 seasons rainy (from May to Nov; August and September are with highest rainfall) and dry (from Dec to Apr; with cool temperature on average at 27°C)

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