l Muang La offers hiking to the mountains and local villages

Why Muang La ?


Muang La

Muang La is the charming town of Oudomxay, a mountainous province 208km to the north of Luang Prabang. Muang La is an amicable land of greenish mountains, picturesque lake and river, luxuriant forests. There are hill tribe villages dotted in Muang La of which mainly are Akha, Hmong and Ikhos ethnic groups. Muang La is an ideal base to explore the surrounding landscapes, do hiking to the mountains and over the farmland, interact with hill tribe villages, explore the hot springs as well as proceed the expedition to Namkat Yorla Pa. Namkat Yorla Pa is a protected area spanning 19,700 ha of forest, karst outcrops and high mountains with cascades of waterfall offering adventurous touring.

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