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Phu Quoc Island siting toward the Gulf of Thailand, only 15km from Cambodia’s territory is also belong to Kien Giang Biophere Reserve, a UNESCO Heritage Site. The first and foremost characteristic of Phu Quoc that draw millions of visitors are the pristine islets of crystal turquoise and white soft sandy beaches stretching around the island. Phu Quoc is the largest islands in Vietnam with 21 surrounding islets with both terrestrial and marine conservatories. It's one of the best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam. The island hosts an extensive variety of marine species, coral reefs, mollusks as well as endangered species of dolphins and turtles. Beaches on Phu Quoc island can be under the division of 3 main region. While the central area with splendid beaches offers convenient reach to town center with lively night activity, the beaches in northern and southern points are pretty remote offering privacy and the off beaten track relaxation. On Phu Quoc island, sitting many beach resorts from moderate budget to the luxury properties. Phu Quoc Island offers incredible chances to go swimming, kayaking and diving for the reefs and marine life. Its forest part, the Phu Quoc National Park boasts an impressive diversity of rare flora and fauna. This promise a jungle escape to discover the wildlife, jungle hike and boat cruise along river passing by mangrove forest. Other interesting experiences are visiting a local fish sauce making factory, explore the Phu Quoc pepper plantation.

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Phu Quoc tours
Vietnam honeymoon bliss 14 days

Vietnam honeymoon bliss 14 days

Honeymooners - 14 days 13 nights

Special package with romantic things to do in Vietnam for the honeymooners to indulge in the most stunning honeymoon destinations in Vietnam. The honeymoon bliss includes memorable 02 nights on Ha Long Bay, cooking class in Hoi An ancient town, a breakfast cruise on Mekong floating market in Can Tho and romantic tropical escape on Phu Quoc Island with most tranquil and isolated beaches on the Thailand Gulf. This private Vietnam custom tour also propose best places to travel in Vietnam for 2 weeks. You will traverse highlighted attractions in Vietnam such as Hanoi capital with cultural relics and the investigation around Hanoi Old Quarter; pleasant stroll around the old Hoi An town and cycling trip to the rural villages; the hustle Ho Chi Minh City and the exotic Mekong region.
Phu Quoc pristine island 5 days

Phu Quoc pristine island 5 days

Beach Leisure - 5 days 4 nights

Phu Quoc Island, an ideal place to unwind is one of the top beach holidays in Vietnam. Located in Kien Giang Province, a southern Province of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island spans 574 square kilometers and is a cluster of 28 islands of which mostly are untapped and with no inhabitation. Since half of the island is covered by the jungle, Phu Quoc island's beaches impress visitors by the evergreen and serene atmosphere since . Featuring idyllic and pristine beaches of soft white classy sand, Phu Quoc Island tour package offer your stay at the most beautiful beaches in the world with romantic sun-sets and plentiful beach activities. Beside stay leisurely at hotel resort, there are excurions with boat trip to the nearby islands, safari Phu Quoc, etc. This make Phu Quoc not only a romatic island for couple, but also the best choice for Vietnam beach leisure vacations for families.  With the average temperature of around 27 Celsius Degree (highest ones are from 33 – 37 Celsius Degree) and long sunshine hours, Phu Quoc is perfect escape for those seeking for the heat. Best time to visit Phu Quoc is from Nov to Mar. The rest months are with higher rainfall, but still with lovely and sunshine days. Last but not least, to say about Phu Quoc, it’s pretty small that the travelers could stroll around in about an hour by scooter. Getting lost here is truly a challenge!

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