l Quy Nhon is featured by stunning crystal beaches and sand dunes

Why Quy Nhon ?


Quy Nhon

Founded in the 18th century, Quy Nhon is a coastal city in central Vietnam and among topographically richest areas of the country. It boasts pristine beaches, mountains, forests, and islands. Quy Nhon is home to ethnic minority of Khmer. Though the town’s establishment was in 18th century, there are findings of the Champa Cultural relics since 11th century. This hidden city is being unfold now attracting the attentions of more and more people to enjoy the oceanic landscape, relax on white sandy beaches, eat tasty Quy Nhon cuisine and chill out at beach resorts. Must to visit places in Quy Nhon are the Ky Co Beach with rocky shorelines, Seo Island preserving the natural beauty and biological diversity, lovely Bai Xep coving 13km beach, etc. 

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