l Travel to Champasak in southern Laos and explore culture and nature

Why Champasak ?



Champassak is a lavish cultural region of Laos pretty close to borders with Thailand and Canbodia situating just on the south of Pakse and near the bank of the river Mekong. In the past years, Champasak was a separate state; then the French domination demolished Champasak kingdom and turned it as part of Laos. Then there is a combination of French colonial architecture buildings and Laos stilt houses. The most impressive and a high-key travel attraction in Champasak is Vat Phou ancient temple, a UNESCO Heritage site. Besides, Champasak offers stunning cycling paths to authentic and remote villages in the regions, boat trips on tranquil rivers, and the natural beauty of the wetland and Xe Pian National Bio-Diversity Conservation. 

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Champasak tours
Adventure Placid southern Laos 6 days

Adventure Placid southern Laos 6 days

Active & Adventure - 6 days 5 nights

A Laos adventure tour to escape in southern part of the country with unique exotic nature and off the beaten track trails. On and off the bicycle and boat alternatively, you will delve into the heart of charming southern Laos and fall in love with the serene landscape; then get trembled when facing the plunging waterfalls and floating on 4,000 islands. The southern Laos itinerary also introduces most amazing towns in the region with handicraft villages and chances to see local life in Pakse town, Champassak province locating the verdant Bolaven Plateau with coffee plantation, mountain climate and breath-taking Tad Lo waterfalls. You also have memorable time at Ban Kiet Ngong offering chances to admire the wonderful wetland and intriguing Xepian Natural protected area. Last but not least is the Don Khone Island with 4,000 islands with emotional water current as well as the wildlife.

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