Why Hai Phong ?


Hai Phong

For centuries, Hai Phong has been the home to the Mac Dynasty. On the same day when the French occupied the city in the late 18th century, a catastrophic storm destroyed Hai Phong, killing over 300,000 people. Must until the end of Vietnam War, Hai Phong showed its fast pace developing and today becomes the most significant economic center with industrial hubs, strategic seaports, abundant seafood sources and great tourism potentials. Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay are the tourism magnets of Hai Phong. Cat Ba Island is endowed with the Cat Ba National Park homing many mammal species, langurs and the endangered primate; offering trails for jungle hike, the Viet Hai fishing village, Quan Y Cave. Besides, there are beaches of soft sand with surroundings of verdant karst mountains for wonderful swimming. Lan Ha Bay is the area of cool emerald water and grottos, same characteristics to Halong Bay and lest touristy that offering marvelous swimming and kayaking. Hai Phong noodles, slightly sweet and milky coconut soups with ice, Hai Phong seafood are renown in Vietnam. Then if there are some spare time in Hai Phong, the city exploration and local food sampling are our recommendations.

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