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Situating in the center of Cambodia, Phnom Penh also sits right at the confluences of Mekong Rivers and country’s gigantic Tonle Sap Lake. Evidently, this perfect location made Phnom Penh the capital city of Cambodia and getting more and more vibrant. The city’s economy and all aspects of life getting recovered and developing after all the war impacts of either positive or negative; and the Khmer Rouge devastation. The French protectorate left with the heirlooms of colonial buildings like the National Library, Central Market, Royal Palace, National Museum and so on. Then the revolution Khmer Rouge brought the killings, deserts and setting up of prisons S21 and the killing fields. Along with Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Battambang, Phnom Penh is a significant tourist destination of Cambodia.

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Phnom Penh tours
Indochina gastronomy Journey 18 days

Indochina gastronomy Journey 18 days

Culinary - 18 days 17 nights

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A unique holiday package to Vietnam Cambodia Laos to sightsee landscapes and taste indigenous gastronomy with inspiring cooking recepies in three Indochina countries.  You will delve into Indochina gastronomy in different styles from  street food walking tours to sophisticated dishes at local restaurants, etc. The itinerary suggest many unique things to do in Vietnam Cambodia Laos. Vietnam offers ample dining experiences like a street food walking tour in Hanoi Old Quarter, and a cooking class at a local house nearby Red River, a promising “Rice with salts” meal in Hue and a some of cooking classes at typical local places for the most authentic involvement. Plus, special dinner “Dining in the Dark” in Ho Chi Minh City definitely fulfill your culinary journey in Vietnam. Khmer Cuisine in Cambodia is different and somewhat make their unique taste. We put in the Indochina Gastronomy package with Phnom Penh street food tour accompanied by a local passionate chef; and interaction with local villagers to create rice noodle and cook the noodle soup in the countryside of Siem Reap. Laos gastronomy bring up another inspiration with interesting mix of herbs and pastes into the dish. The cooking class in Luang Prabang as well as a stroll to local market is intriguing. 
Cambodia culinary journey 6 days 5 nights

Cambodia culinary journey 6 days 5 nights

Culinary - 6 days 5 nights

A travel itinerary of 6 days in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap introduces the best places to visit and cusine tasting experiences in these cities. Begin the Cambodian culinary tour with Phnom Penh Capital, a pretty city showcases both Khmer and Colonial architectures, arts and culture. You will get to know more while pay visits to the Royal Palace, Cambodia National Museum, Silk Island. You also join a unique cooking class in Phnom Penh with a Cambodia cuisine passionate host. Traveling to Siem Reap, you will take a journey to Angkor Kingdom by exploring the ancient Angkor Temples. Our Cambodia culinary tour also input with a countryside tour in Siem Reap to intermingle with villagers and get to know their ways of making traditional noodles. Lastly, the Siem Reap food tours will fullfill your experiences of Cambodian culinary. 
Cambodia Honeymoon Tour and Beach Holiday 10 days

Cambodia Honeymoon Tour and Beach Holiday 10 days

Honeymooners - 10 days 9 nights

A unique Cambodia honeymoon package for you to visit highlighted destinations of the country and enjoy dreamy bliss such as a fabulous dinner at Chandara Villa in Siem Reap, chilling stay on the most beautiful beach island Koh Rong of Cambodia. There are bountiful visits to get an insight about Cambodia such as sightseeing the colonial city, the Royal Palace and Khmer fine art at National Museum in Phnom Penh. Plus, there is a half day cycling on isolated silk island with tranquil rural life. In Siem Reap, you will unlock the Angkor Temples, and interact with local life by participating in diverse activities with the villagers. 

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