l Ky Quan San Peak Travel Guide 2023 - Vietnam Adventure destination

Ky Quan San Peak Travel Guide 2023 - Vietnam Adventure destination

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Ky Quan San Mountain, formerly called Bach Moc Luong Tu, is an incredible destination for Vietnam Adventure travel. With an elevation of 3,046m (9,993 feet), Ky Quan San Mountain is the fourth highest mountain in Vietnam. Being a part of the 180 km long Hoang Lien Son Range, Ky Quan San features rugged terrain and steep trails. 

On the way to its peak, travelers are treated with mesmerizing views of greenish mountains, meadows, plunging waterfalls and dozens of flora species. Despite the attractive landscape of mountains and valleys being embraced by floating clouds, the Ky Quan San Mountain hike tour requires essential physical health to complete the route. Then, it’s advisable to prepare well before the trip as well as refer below Ky Quan San Peak Travel Guide to know well about the trip.


Where is Ky Quan San Peak

Ky Quan San Peak is situated between Lai Chau and Lao Cai, two mountainous northern provinces of Vietnam. These provinces both share the frontiers with China in the north. The starting point of the hiking trail to Ky Quan San is 50 km from Sapa, which is a famous travel spot in Vietnam. If you look for Vietnam adventure tours from Hanoi, Ky Quan San or Bach Moc Luong Tu is an option. Other adventurous destinations from Hanoi to be in the list are Ha Giang, Sapa, Mai Chau, Pu Luong, Ba Be National Park, Ban Gioc Waterfall, etc. 

How to get to Ky Quan San Peak

To get to Ky Quan San Peak, travelers can start either from Sang Ma Sao commune, Bat Xat District in Lao Cai Province or Sin Suoi Ho commune, Phong Tho District in Lai Chau Province. Sang Ma Sao starting point is more popular to Vietnamese travelers.

To take a trip to Ky Quan San Peak from Hanoi, you can take a limousine bus, overnight bus or overnight train to Sapa. From Sapa, get a transfer to drive to Ky Quan San Village in Sang Ma Sao commune, taking around 3 hours to drive. Upon arriving, you can begin the trek from the main road; or take a motor taxi in 15 minutes to bring you closer to the main mountain. There are many local minority guys who are familiar with the terrain, with their motorbike will drive you in with the cost of 50k vnd or around 2 bucks.

The best time to hike to Ky Quan San

The best time to hike up Ky Quan San is from September to November and  when the weather is moderate and pleasant. The sky is clearer with more sunshine. There is a low rainfall during this duration so that you can avoid muddy trails. 

If you explore Ky Quan San from Feb to April, the weather is still moderate. It might get foggy; however you can see beautiful blossoms of peach, plum and Bauhinia variegata flowers. 

The winter season from December to January is cold and plants will get frozen. The climate in Ky Quan San in summer is hotter, features a high rainfall. But you might capture a stunning sunrise and sunset. 


Ky Quan San Peak hiking itinerary

This Vietnam adventure travel itinerary to Ky Quan San can be done in two or three days. And here are the details of each itinerary.

Ky Quan  San Peak Hiking Itinerary - 3 days 2 nights

Day 1: Hike from Sang Ma Sao Commune to the height of 2,100m

My itinerary of hiking up KY quan San Peak from Sapa begins in the morning when our driver takes us to Ky Quan San Village. We stop there for our lunch first. All dishes are local food and have been prepared by our porters. There are a total 8 porters going along to assist us the whole journey. They are local people belonging to the H’Mong ethnic group. The porters bring ingredients and food to the high mountains for us and cook there. There is no food available so everything must be prepared. You can have lunch before departing or stop on the way for lunch. 

After lunch, we take a motor taxi to get to the starting point and begin the walk. Passing by the jungle, waterfalls, bamboo forest, etc. It’s flexible to stop on the way for a break or rest.The total hiking distance of day 1 is around 8.5 kms. We stayed the night at a very basic place. 

Day 2: Hike up to the Ky Quan San Peak

Early this morning, everyone woke up at 4:30am and got ready to walk in the darkness to Muoi Peak. It’s a clear place for sunrise contemplation. It was stunning to see the moon vividly. Then, it disappears to leave space for the coming up of the sun above the floating cloud. After watching the rising of the sun, we head back to the overnight point for breakfast. 

The trail on day 2 turns steepier and more challenging. The distance to cover is only 4.5 km per way, but the height is around 1000m different. However, the scenery is incredible too. We find the typical type of vegetation from the height above 2,000m. There are some parts that are narrow, steep and slippery. It’s certainly worse during the rainy days. The temperature is also colder above there. We also have lunch en route. Our groups’ porters bring the food along too. After reaching the peak, we go down the same way. Spend another night at the 2,100m height. 

Day 3: Going down the mountain

This morning, we began to descend the mountain. Spend the last morning enjoying the jungle and atmosphere. Early afternoon, we see our driver and travel back to Sapa for dinner. After spending 3 days hiking, we took a herbal bath. This is the traditional bath by the Dao ethnic group. Finish 3 days exploring Ky Quan San with great memories. 

Ky Quan San Peak Hiking Itinerary - 2 days 1 night

If you book the 2 day 1 night tour to Ky Quan San Peak, you will take the same trails. And the hiking hours on each day are longer than the 3 day itinerary. As this option includes one night on the mountain only, the second day’s hike will begin very early, also expect hiking in the dark on day 2 if you’re not a professional hiker. Day 2 itinerary includes both day 1 and day 2 morning hiking trails. 


Some tips before embarking on the hike to Ky Quan San Peak

The Ky Quan San Peak Travel Guide isn’t complete without these important tips for you to refer before the trip:

  • Check weather forecast and postponed the trip if there is any prediction of storm, landslide or snowing

  • It’s much colder at the height above 2000m, then you should get prepare warm cloths

  • Prepare essential things for the trip such as hiking shoes, hiking poles, hat, jacket, hiking gloves, etc. 

  • Bring along medicines for headache, digestion, antibiotics, insect repellents, bandages and so on.

  • Get some snacks and candies providing you energy for your hike 

  • Bring along with you the identification card as you need to register for permission if you start the hike from Sin Suoi Ho commune in Lai Chau Province. 

  • Only choose 2 day 1 night hiking itinerary to Ky Quan San if you are an experienced hiker

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