What make Hue stunned and unmissable?

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In another sharing of us, Bonzer Tour introduced Hue is a crucial mosaic to complete your Vietnam heritage journey. To enhance to the idea, there are escapes in Hue that make the destination truly unique and worth a venture.

Our private Hue City Tour could be tailored flexibly to add your interested places. Beside the main attractions to visit in Hue mentioned in “Hue – the unmissable mosaic perfects a Vietnam Journey”, there are stunning escapes that can be sum up in this post. 

Chuon Lagoon


Chuon Lagoon is a pictureque and exotic spot, located 10 km (6 miles) from Hue City. Bicycles, motor-taxi, van are all good and affordable means of transportation to reach this place. The best time to visit Chuon Lagoon is from April to July when it’s sunny with blue sky, clear landscape and pleasantly stunning sunset and sunrise. The ideal time of the day to come here is morning or late afternoon as Chuon Lagoon will showcase you a breathtaking view and chances to have an insight on local life. The fishermen whose whole family live on a boat on the lagoon, often begin their work at 6:00 pm and do it unstoppable till 6:00 am of the following day to go home with fishes caught overnight. Next morning, the wife will bring freshly alive fish to the market and selling them.

Arriving at Chuon Lagoon, you can jump on the wooden boat and sail to endless seemed lagoon with fresh air, admire the pristine scene and capture a-life-time pictures. To linger further on the lagoon, take break on the floating house or bamboo raft and chill out with some beer and seafood served by locals. The experience, yet homely and memorable. Wanderers could stroll to nearby sites like Ru Cha mangrove forest and Thuan An beach.

Boat, bike and drive to handicraft villages

Hue was the capital with opulent and elegant imperial live from 19th to early 20th century. The people then make things at most skillful and sophisticated to match the high standard in order to serve royal family and notable mandarin families. The demand on these traditional products is not frequently high these days, local handicraft men keep conserving and maintaining their passion.  

  • Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village


Sited in a tranquil village of Phu Vang district, Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village is only 9 km (nearly 6 miles) from Hue City Center. The village is also on the bank of poetic Perfume River; it then could be reached by either land transfer or boat. The most exciting arrangement to get to Thanh Tien Village probably by boat sail to the village and then jump on a bicycle to emerge yourselves in the peaceful village. The work of making paper flower has been an heirloom for more than 300 years. This originated from worshipping custom of Vietnamese to have at least 4 items on the alter including incense sticks, oil-lamps, a bunch of banana and flower. Due to the climate with high rainfall is not suitable to cultivate much fresh flower, the craftsman devised paper flowers instead. 

People used the flower for spiritual worship but then also for house decorations all year around. The highly demanded season is the end of the year when each family refurbishes their houses. Thanh Tien Village is a fantastic escape to wander in an authentic rural village surrounded with immense paddy fields, to learn about a famous and gracious craft in Hue and make your own paper flower.

  • Folk Painting Sinh Village


It’s not strange to see the woodblocks printed paintings in many regions of Vietnam. Noticeably, paintings in Sinh Village used to be made for belief and religious worships which introduces a great cultural value to the visitors. The craftsman paint dummies of character, subjects (like clothes and offerings) and animals as the substitutes to protect the house owners themselves in safe, their cattle and their livings. 

Due to the special functions, Sinh Painting are hung on the alters then burnt as votive papers. 

Since the paintings must be burnt after the worship ritual, there are not huge exhibitions; but this still offer great things to learn about a local culture. The village is nearby the Thanh Tien paper flower making village. Then a boat ride to the area and take biking from one to each other is definitely highly recommended.

Phuoc Tich Ceramic Village


Phuoc Tich Village, located 35 km (22 miles) from Hue center, has been a handicraft Village of Hue for more than 500 years. The pottery products made in this village are in dark red color and sophisticated of various shapes and sizes. Witnessing many ups and downs, the village seemed to be standstill and revitalized in early 20th century. When taking a stroll around the village, you will find the pottery kilns, holy temple, the rural landscape and especially ancient house. There are 24 remained ancient houses of which the oldest could be back to 1850.

Phu Cam Conical Hat Village


Conical hat has been a typical image representing for Vietnamese farmers. In Hue Province, the conical hats appear more elegant and graceful. The slender and comity girl in Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress) and conical hat has been a symbol of Vietnam. The craft making conical hat in Phu Cam Village is date back to 17th century. Different to other regions’ conical hat, the villagers make very light and thin conical hats with city’s symbolic images and even poem embroidered on. The poem and some of patterned sinks will come out when the hat is being looked with the sunshine through. The village’s location is right in Hue City, around 2km (1.2 miles) from Truong Tien Bridge; then it’s could be accessed by bike or even walking when taking a stroll around city.

Thuy Xuan Incense Village


On the way to Tu Duc King’s tomb, you will see from afar some colorful bunches exposed under the sunlight to get dried. They are the incense stalks of Thuy Xuan Village. There are around 20 families doing this craft these days. And the tourist passing by are hospitably welcomed to learn step by step how to make an incense stick by hand. 

There are very simple tools to make incense in traditional way with a small wooden table, a mixture of grinded scented wood powder and the colorful dried sticks. Making it rounded and nicely come out, on the other hand, is challenging. The short-excited stop is totally free; but if interested there a some seasonable of aroma cone incense pieces lit to get relaxed for you to purchase and support the locals.

Bach Ma National Park 


The national park at the altitude of 1,450m with cool climate and located 18km (11 miles) from the ocean was the Hill Station of French troops. There then come with summer villas and resorts to escape from the heat. Bach Ma National Park covers 220sqkm2 (37.5 hectares) is divided into three zones of buffer zone, administration and core zone under strict protection. There are more than 1,400 plants species including the rare floras of Vietnam, and 132 mammal species in which could be named the rare red the Douc Langur.

Distanced 40 km (25 miles) from Hue City, or only 65 km (40 miles) from Da Nang, it’s possible to arrange a day trek from either Hue City or the points from Da Nang City and Hoi An City. Best time to visit Bach Ma National Park is summer and early autumn from April to August. During rest months of the year, the way will get more moisture and slippery. Nature lover and bird watching can stay at villas in the national park for overnight and get deeper into the jungle.

DMZ and vicious history


As a demilitarized zone, the area used to be an American military base lies at the border between northern and southern Vietnam where happened fierce battles. After the evacuation of American troops, their base was destroyed accordingly and left with the foundation only. Apart from this you also can visit the La Vang Church, Vinh Long tunnels and Khe Sanh region.

The mountain landscape is spectacular with rugged jungles. A knowledgeable tour guide will be very helpful in this case to give the detailed information on the history; otherwise the trip purpose of getting here might not be fulfilled as the driving distance is a minus point (100 km or 62 miles – takes roughly 3 hours drive). 

Pristine Lang Co Beach escape


More famous to domestic trippers, Lang Co Beach is quiet with turquoise water and soft white sand coastline. There are higher-end resorts erected for an escape on the inviting beach. It takes one-hour drive from Hue City; and is highly recommended for whom prefers retreat. Additional to the beach relaxation, there are a couple of nearby spots like fishing lagoon, Chan May beach, Bach Ma National Park, Hai Van Pass, etc. Best time to visit Lang Co is from April to July with sunny weather and clear water. 

Depending on the traveling interests of exploration, history, handicraft, adventure, beach leisure, you can design your own trip with our suggestion. 

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