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Top 10 places to visit in Laos to include in your Laos Tour

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Refer top 10 places to visit in Laos, you will be able to plan your trip with perfect itinerary to Laos, or a stunning Vietnam Laos Cambodia tour.This article with introductions of Laos travel places for a broad idea and build your desired trip. There are plentiful of suggested places from the most highlighted Luang Prabang to the northernmost or southernmost region of Laos. Here below are top 10 places that Laos is famous for.

 1. Luang prabang


The very first place to put in your Laos travel itinerary is Luang Prabang in the northern part of Laos. This former capital town of Laos is a UNESCO Heritage Site and definitely a must. Luang Prabang is a charming town situated at the confluence of the Mekong River and Nam Khan River. Attracting visitors by its golden roofed temples, the Colonial relics, majestic nature and the wildlife, Luang Prabang is a unique laidback town. This charming town Luang Prabang is the most highlighted spot in any Laos Tour. Spiritually, travelers can participate in local cultural practices such as Tak Bath (Alms giving) Ceremony in the morning or Baci (Soul Calling) ceremony at local houses. 

2. Plain of Jars


The Plain of Jars located in Phonsavan Province in northern Laos is the most mysterious destination in Laos which is renowned as Laos’ StoneHenge. The area is around 350km (217 miles) from Vientiane Capital and 262km (162 miles) from Luang Prabang. Travelers can either drive by land, which is a bit of a long journey or take domestic flights of around 1 hour from Luang Prabang and Vientiane to Phonsavan. 

Just keep in mind that these flights are not available everyday then plan to schedule the timing well for best preparation. 

For its mysterious history, Plain of Jars is one of top places to visit in Laos. Exploring Plain of Jars, you can pay a visit to 3 main sites with jars at different sizes. Recommend to have a local tour guide who will show you the nicest places as well as safety as Phonsavan is one of Laos’ provinces which was severely affected by bombardment during the Vietnam War. Beside, you also can pay a visit to local mulberry farms, local handicraft villages and battlefield tours. 

3. Vientiane


Vientiane is the capital city in the central part of Laos, also a unique capital city as it’s much more quiet than other cities in Southeast Asia. Vientiane shows a vivid influence of French colonialism with large roads and vestiges such as the Gate of Triumph, remaining mansions, etc. Getting around Vientiane, you also find stunning temples and pagodas such as the iconic Pha That Luang, Wat Ho Phra Keo, Buddha Park, etc.

Travelers with interest in history can visit UXO center in Vientiane and learn more about history in Laos during Vietnam War.  

4. Vang vieng


Vang Vieng is a genuine place of Laos with a peaceful landscape of countryside among karst mountains featuring caves, crystal lagoons and pleasant rivers. Used to be the hub for drug users, Vang Vieng these days is prefered by tourists for active traveling. Tourists visiting Vang Vieng can join outdoor activities such as kayaking, ziplining, driving a RTV in the countryside area, hiking to the cave, swimming in the blue lagoon or taking a balloon over Vang Vieng. There are boutique riverside hotels in Vang Vieng where their guests can chill with sunset over river Nam Song River and enjoy bottles of Laos Beer.

Vang Vieng is only 130km (80 miles) in the north of Vientiane Capital, taking around 2 - 2.5 hours driving. From Vang Vieng, keep driving north 185km (115 miles), you will reach Luang Prabang heritage town. Beside land driving, the new express train from Laos to China offer less time. It’s suitable for those have Laos tour plan with tight itinerary.

5. Pakse


Pakse is the capital city of Champasak Province in Southern Laos, also famous as the gateway to the south. Most Laos tour including Southern Laos will include a stop at Pakse. There are both domestic and international flights from neighboring countries to Pakse that you can include this destination in your Laos travel plan. The main typography in southern Laos is high mountains from 1,000m - 2,000m above sea level. Then Southern Laos can pamper both moderate level and hard-trek tourists. There are nice accommodation options in Pakse for overnight and visiting the town. Or else, those who prefer rustic stay might drive to Bolaven Plateau to see the coffee plantation and stay at their resort. 

Things to see in Pakse town include Wat Luang, Phou Salao Hill, Dao Heuang Market, Don Kho Island, local handicraft villages, etc. Drive around 50km (31 miles) from Pakse, you shall be able to see the Bolaven Plateau, hike in the jungle and admire plunging waterfalls. Depending on the travel schedule in Southern Laos, you can visit the Plateau to see the main loop in one day or up to one week venturing the larger circle with other loops. 

6. Champasak Town


Champasak town is around 40km (25 miles) in the south of Pakse taking around 1 hour drive. Situated next to the Mekong River, Champasak is a pristine town with lovely islands that are far away from cars or pollution. Wat Phou, a temple from 11th - 13th century, is a must-see spot in Champasak. It’s a symbolic and spiritual temple in Laos, also a UNESCO Heritage Site. From Champasak town, you can either take a car, local tuk tuk ride or bicycle to reach Wat Phou. Beside, you can visit Wat Muang Kuang and Don Deang Island. Xe Pian National Protected Area in Champasak with the wetland is a fantastic ecotourism destination in Southern Laos with a great quantity of wildlife. You can spend one day sightseeing Xe Pian or overnight for further exploration.

7. Si Phan Don


Si Phan Don, also called by 4,000 islands, is one of most outstanding spots in Southern Laos. It’s hard to visit the south of Laos without seeing Si Phan Don which features stunning waterfalls and rapids. Main islands to cruise and hike for the falls in Si Phan Don include Don Khone, Don Det, Don Khong, Don Phapheng, etc. 

Staying at riverside resorts in Si Phan Don is also an incredible experience. Although the accommodations are not as luxurious in cities, there are lovely boutique hotels and resorts for your stay. 

Si Phan Done is definitely an unmissable destination in your Laos Tour plan. You can take a local boat to the river and see freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins from Don Khone Island. Si Phan Don is also close to the border with Cambodia where travelers make border-cross trips from Cambodia to Laos. 

8. Luang Namtha


Luang Namtha is a province in the North-West of Laos which is around 310km (192 miles) from Luang Prabang. 85% of geography in Luang Namtha features mountains with heights from 800m - 2000m (2635 feet - 6562 feet). This province is one of the top 10 to visit in Laos as Luang Namtha offers fascinating trekking in Laos. There are plenty of trekking routes with chances to visit hill tribe villages of Akha, Khmu, Tai Leu and so on. And surely, you can’t miss out the most highlighted one Nam Ha Protected Area in Luang Namtha. Comprising vegetation zone, northern highland zone and southern highland zone, Nam Ha National Biodiversity Conservation Area characterizes primary and secondary evergreen forests with plantations, grassland and high mountains with wildlife. 

Besides, visiting Luang Namtha, you can visit authentic colorful local markets with local products, temples in Muang Sing and Muang Long towns, golden stupa, Luang Nam Tha Museum. Adventurers can find so many exciting activities in Luang Namtha such as kayaking, cycling and motorcycling.

9. Phongsaly


Phongsaly is the extreme northern province of Laos close to Yunnan Province of China and Dien Bien of Vietnam. It’s an unusual travel destination in a Laos travel plan. Traveling to Phongsaly, you will embark on stunning hiking to multiple hill tribe villages. With an elevation of 450m - 1,800m (1,476 - 5,900 feet), Phongsaly offers a cool climate and green forest landscape. This height and typical climate is also suitable for tea plantations. You might stop by a plantation of ancient tea trees up to hundreds years old in Phongsaly. Traverse to this northernmost region of Laos, you also have a chance to admire the intact ancient town with Yunnanese wooden houses in Phongsaly town. Visiting roundabout this evoking town surrounded by Phou Fa Mountain, you will spot the Museum of Minority Ethnic Groups to soak up local culture, textile, handicrafts.

10. Huay Xai


Huay Xai is a region in the North-West of Laos which is close to the border with Thailand. Travelers can arrive in Huay Xai by flight, river cruising or land drive. Houayxay Airport HOE is available with flights from Vientiane and Luang Prabang which are not daily operated. In order to enjoy the peaceful river and mountain scenes, travelers reach Huay Xai with boats of variable choices like slow boat, speed boat, or luxury overnight cruise.

Visiting Huay Xai, you can stop by local morning markets,  the ruins of Fort Carnot on the hill with a nice view. Around 50km (31miles) from Huay Xai Town, located the Bokeo Nature Reserve which is the protected area for Gibbon. This national park offers terrific hiking, treehouse and cable to discover the canopies. A day trip in Bokeo Province is exciting to admire the bucolic pristine countryside. You can do kayaking, cycling and trekking.

Bonus: Viengxay Town

Viengxay town is a non-tourist spot in the North-East  region of Laos with surroundings of dramatic karst mountains and forest. A must-see spot when visiting the peaceful town of Viengxay is Viengxay Cave. During the Vietnam War, Laotians sheltered themselves in hundreds of caves in Laos. Viengxay Cave is one of them, containing up to 23,000 counts. The cave contained a hospital, government ministries, bakeries, shops and so on. This attraction is available with guided tours for visitors to learn about the history of Laos, especially during the Vietnam War. 

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